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Monday, January 30, 2012

Simple Half-Up Hairstyles

So, as promised (although a little later than expected) here are the first how-to's for some easy Medieval (yes, medieval, but still Shakespearean enough) hairstyles. The styles featured below, due to their simplicity and versatility, are perfect for almost everyone: ladies, attendants, shepherdesses... the list goes on. For the play, I think for most of you girls it would be good to start with your hair mostly down, like this, and then put it up for the end where everyone is sixteen years older. These half-up hairstyles are also great for helping to hold caps in place!
A few general tips:
1. Use a middle part.
2. Go for your natural hair. Rather than curling or straightening it with an iron, just let it do its thing--this will look best with the hairstyles, and hey, it's easier, right? You could also do sock bun curls, because it's basically rag curling, and that's been around since Medieval times at least.
That's not my hair, by the way. I've never gotten a picture of mine with sock bun curls, but I know it works.
Now I promise, these are easy easy easy: if you can braid and use a bobby pin, you're good. Let's get to it!
Here (second style in the video) are full instructions if you can't figure it out from the picture--I did do it tighter so you could see the construction, though. If you poof it up a bit more in front instead of having it so tight it looks better.

On to hairstyle number two!
You know that scene in the Glittering Caves when Eowyn ties the front of her hair into a knot? Yeah. That's all there is to it. I do find that to keep my bangs in nicely some twisting is in order, and you might want to use a bobby pin or two if your hair won't stay on its own. Again the link is here (third style in video) if you want more detail.

You want another? Your wish is my command.
Girls, it does not get easier than this. Obviously, you do need a circlet, but once you've got that you just set it on top of your head, pull the front bit of your hair up, over, and beneath the front of the ring, and there you go. This is also the first step of my Modified Gibson Tuck.

But wait, there's more!

Also known as a "milkmaid braid," this style is, again, very simple as long as you can braid (which I'm assuming most of you can.) Full, detailed, and helpful instructions can be found here.

That's more a picture of Guy, isn't it? Oops.
Be back soon with more (and some up-do's...)

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