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Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Make a Doric Chiton

(Otherwise known as a "Girly Toga.") For all my lovely girls in the chorus.
You will need:
1 White Sheet--you could maybe get away with a twin size if you're really, really small, but queen size would probably be better
2 Large-ish safety pins or brooches

The picture above gives you a guide for folding, but just for clarity, here are written instructions.

1. Obtain a sheet. This is a very important step.
2. Fold the sheet down hamburger style until it is as long as the length between your shoulders and ankles. Depending on your height, this may be a only a foot or you may have to fold it in half.
3. Now, keeping the top folded down, fold the sheet in half hotdog style.
4. Hold the folded sheet up in front of you. Make a pretty face. Good? Ok, find where you want the shoulder straps to be (allow for a little draping around the neckline and make sure to leave room for your arm to get through on the folded side.)
5. Overlap the top edges and pin them together for the shoulder straps.

And that's it! We'll have ribbons for you at rehearsal, but if you want to go parade for your family, just tie a belt or sash around your waist, overlapping the open side first.
For the play, here's what you should have on underneath: White tights or leggings and a white cami or shirt. I'm perfectly fine with either, so if you don't want your arms naked go ahead and wear a shirt. I'd also recommend spankies, especially for while you're doing the storm. And don't forget your ballet slippers!

Break a leg, girlies.
For copyright purposes, the image was found here. I wrote the instructions all by myself, though.

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