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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life Is Beautiful

Well, not always. But today it was!
I got all my chores done (Huzzah and huzzah again for a clean livingspace.) and then headed off to my friends' house. It had been far too long since I'd seen these guys, due to the fact that they went and graduated on me.
These guys? They're awesome.
We watched the first two episodes of Season 6 of Doctor Who...Holy. Hippogriffs. It blew my mind. It's STILL blowing my mind! And there's still the rest of the season!
Then I went home and did some ACT practice tests. (Please oh please oh PLEASE let this be my last time. Actually, it's my last time no matter what, so just let it be good!)
Then I had a practice with my youth choir for the song we're singing at our Christmas party.
And THEN I went to ANOTHER friend's house to watch Love's Labour's Lost, the Shakespeare play that our school is doing this year. Have you guys seen that movie? All I can say is Shakespeare + Kenneth Brannagh + tap dancing + over-the-top musical numbers = pure awesome. Just watch it, ok? Skip the masquerade scene.

Then we watched the newest Kid History. It's about Christmas. It's delightful.
And on the way home, we got to listen to Prime Time Real Estate's latest recorded song. (This is my friends' band, for those who aren't lucky enough to know.) It goes without saying that it's fantastic.
All in all, an entirely enjoyable day.
Good night, all!

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