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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hair Photo A Day 1-10

So there's this hair-themed Photo-a-day challenge that some of my friends are doing. I wasn't going to (too much time commitment), but then I decided, eh, I'll do them a chunk at a time. And yes, there is a reason for this: scroll down! (And sorry for a couple of re-used photos. I'm really, really tired from State Drama.)
1. Hair Self-Portrait. So my face isn't in it. So what? This is supposed to be about hair.

2. Celeb Hair You Love. While this is never, ever, something I could pull off myself, I'm just so impressed by her confidence! And if anyone looks good with short hair, she does.

3. Hair Flashback. This picture was simply too good to pass up, though I'm not the focus. First grade. Short curls.

4. Going-Out Hair. Can't find any good pictures of me, so here's one of my basic style: twist and pin.

5. Hair Color You Adore. I love love love dark brown hair.

6. Your Hair-Do Today. And here we come to why I did this post. I-chopped-off-all-my-hair. Okay, not really, but a good six+ inches are gone, and I love it! I haven't had hair this short since freshman year, and it feels so weird for it to just end. But now it's completely healthy and it curls so nicely and I'm not constantly trying to get it out of my way. Yeah. I love it.

7. Best Hair Moment. Sadly, all my best hair moments seem to be right before to bed or when I'm not going anywhere and are consequently undocumented. I will therefore give you a picture of my most exciting recent hair moment: when I played an astrological adviser at my friend's murder mystery party. (Fine. Not so much a hair moment, but a fun moment nonetheless.)

8. Your Fave Hair-Accessory. Don't even need to think about this one. My pearl circlet made by my darling friend Shaylynn. Go here to buy one of your very own.

9. Straight Hair. It happens occasionally.

10. Long Hair. Just for comparison so you can see how much is gone.



  1. You have amazing hair! Thanks for playing along with the photo a day challenge.
    Christina x

  2. FIrst of all, I somehow read John's comment omitting the "are" which precedes the "very pretty," and I had a little moment of wondering if you guys had come up with some kind of new dialect whilst I was gone. Then I read it again and the "are" popped back into my vision. Those are three slippery letters, I submit.

    Secondly, I resound in amens to John's full and complete comment. Katherine, my dearest elf, you truly are beautiful! I also loved the hair pictures and a trip down memory lane. I also really, really like you with shortened locks. Lovely!