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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exhausted, Sopping Wet, and Discouraged

It's only eight o'clock. I just finished giving Terry a shower, and the boys are finally almost in bed. It's been a long, long day.
Everyone was so tired out from the heat that we slept in, which made us start the day off late, which threw off eating schedules, which threw off everything else...basically it snowballed into a pretty pathetic day. Everybody was hot and tired which resulted in bad tempers all around. It's not so bad with Terry--he's too young to get very upset and just flares up, then calms down. Klyde, though, is a champion sulker. Much sulking went on today. Also whining.
We went to the library, which I thought would be wonderful, but the boys were too restless. We tried to read to them but they complained about our literary choices (not enough Captain Underpants!) then wandered off to pull books from the shelves. The librarians were happy we left. We tried to get them to at least walk around with us, but four- and seven-year-olds don't see the draw in architecture and dusty leather books.
When we got home, we denied them not only the TV and the computer but also--horror of horrors!--the DS. This apparently was our little Harlem version of the Intolerable Acts. More sulking ensued. Then there was trouble with dinner due to lack of ingredients and then general silliness and a lot of water all over the bathroom.
Hopefully things will get better tomorrow, but what kind of mom am I going to end up as in a few years if I can't even handle two little boys for three days?
Living here is just so tiring; nothing is close-by or easy to get to. In the words of a street performer, "When said and done, it's not easy. This is New York."


  1. Ouch. But funny to read about. :P

  2. Hold the phone. Did you think coming to NYC to take care of my children was going to be fun? Mwahahaha. You fell right into my evil plan . . .

    --future post spoiler alert--
    It's okay. I think 1) actually having food and 2) clean towels, 3) visiting Morris Jumel Mansion, 4) shopping without kids OR adult supervision, 5) and, um, what was 5) again? Oh yeah, seeing HP7two BEFORE ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS even get in line to see it may make up for it all.

    Love you. You'll be a great mom. But it's not easy.

    I remember once trying to get you out of the van at Brick Haven, and you were screaming at the top of your lungs (for a long time), and I said, sotto voce, "Katherine, all the neighbors will think I'm beating you." And you increased your volume (who knew), to shriek, "You ARE beating me!!!!"

  3. Dearest Katherine. I have a few things to say. Fist off, this reminds me of a certain RH episode which upon reading previous words you will instantly grin and remember, secondly, ditto to junebug who I am assuming is the mother of said minions in the grand city of York--you shall be a fabulous mother and I can just see you shrieking those wonderful words, which I may have to intereject forever more in any intelligent conversation I may have, and thirdly, WHEN IN THE HECK ARE YOU GETTING HOME? This is getting ridiculous.