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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prom Prom Prom

(I was going to do an Easter post, but my aunt will kill me if I don't get Prom stuff up, so I'll do that tomorrow.)

Prom was amazing! I had such an awesome time and truly felt like a princess. Thanks so much, Chase! Since we got pictures at the dance, the only ones I have right now are from getting ready. Ah, well. There are going to be a lot of them, again for the benefit of my aunt. :)

The shoes. That I got the day of. Hooray!

The dress. Thank you, Aannaliisa!

The hair. Thank you, Kristen and Hannah!

The dress from the back and more hair.

The eye makeup that took a good twenty minutes. Thank you, Hannah and Mom!
And of course the beautiful jewelry. I got both the earrings and the circlet from Shaylynn.
My date, Chase Acheson...future President.
The beautiful corsage. And the ring is from Shaylynn, too.
Boutonniere. Those things are tricky to pin on. And to spell.
Unfortunately, my parents didn't get any good pictures of my promenade, so here's my favorite picture that they did get: Kristen and Riley almost falling down the stairs. Thankfully, no one was injured.


  1. oh my gosh!! You look so beautiful!

    and oh my gosh!! I'm glad Kristen is alive! What a save Rye bread! wow.

  2. I approve. Wholeheartedly. I also am jealous of the fact that your date is the (future) president of the YOO-nited States of America! :) Dishes in the wash are clean.

  3. YOU ARE SO HOT!!! ;) i love you so much!

  4. This made me smile because your beauty just made the tips of my mouth curl up. :)

  5. Good girl, Kitty! You looked like a princess (the hair! that dress! & the shoes? hello!), and you clearly had a lot of fun. And if that boy really is going to be the president, please marry him. I would like to sleepover at the White House. Thanks. And thanks.

  6. Merlin's beard! Kat, you are beautiful. :) You really do look like a princess. That dress is gorgeous. And I can't get over your hair.

    Hey.... would it be really weird for me to ask... Can I use one of the pictures to basically say, "Here's something someone did with my jewelry"? I can link back to your post. Just wondering, you can definitely say no if you want.