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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On blogging...

Well, here we are. Where anyone could have told me I would eventually wind up, but where I kept saying I wouldn't. Such is life. The truth is, I'm a writer! I have to get it out somewhere, and I suppose a blog is a good place to start. Better this than simply in my head, making me so distracted that I can't accomplish simple tasks, anyway. Yes, this does happen. You know that part in Anne of Green Gables where Anne gets so distracted by the tragic story she's making up that she leaves the sugar out of the cake? Well.  One time, I was cooking, and I started thinking about that story, and then I went off on my own tragic thought-tangent, and got so distracted I actually did leave out a key ingredient. (Note to self: cakes are picky. Follow the recipe.) And a blog is better than a journal, too, because nobody ever sees your journal, so at least for me I have little to no success keeping it current. A blog, on the other hand, you can't completely neglect or the faithful followers come after you with knives and orcs. I myself have had very violent feelings when my favorite bloggers seem to forget their blog exists. So, moral of the story. I have a blog because I admit it will be fun, and it provides a really needed outlet for my insane imagination. After all, to quote Shannon Hale, "I can't write every daydream into a novel. Not if I want to do other things, like eat, or sleep, or breathe."

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  1. dearest heart. I just read that your comments on other blogs show up as "carrots." trust me, I about died. You are just the most incredible person ever! Actually, that's completely serious. Like, what are you not amazing at? Basically, you are stunning and amazing. And I love you dearly. The end. Oh yes, and I'm really quite excited for you to find your Gilbert. Someone who deserves you. It's going to be some tough pickin's!